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SecInt Plc brings you two GPS products in one App:

AngelAlarm – The cheapest personal safety and emergency panic alarming system on the market. The state-of-the-art monitoring and emergency system allows you to see personnel worldwide and allows them to contact you within seconds in case of emergency.

Access our fully featured alarming and reporting platform for as little as £7.99 per month, this simple and easy to use solution provides savings of £ hundreds per year in comparison to existing suppliers.

This is by far the cheapest safety monitoring system online. Most Lone Worker companies will charge you £20-£200 for the equipment and then £7-£20 per month for access to the same alarming software. Our alarming software can be accessed from any PC with an internet connection and internet browser.

TrackerApp – Turns an Android or iPhone in to a low cost personal trackers, allowing you to monitor fleet, personnel and equipment. More information on how you can save thousands in GPS tracking costs is available at TrackerApp.

Angel Alarm is low cost personal safety solution, suitable for corporate lone workers and vulnerable persons such as elderly relatives or teenagers. Our comprehensive system is suitable for those travelling internationally either for business or pleasure, as well as freelance and mobile workers closer to home.

Angel Alarm transforms Android and iPhone’s into fully functional GPS panic alarms with built in emergency tracker, giving you the ability to alert your location when you are in need of help, without saying a word.

With our state-of-the-art internet based reporting and alarming system you can monitor any number of devices or staff anywhere in the world.  Any emergency can be dealt with in seconds of the device being triggered.

Monitor from any PC worldwide allowing complete flexibility.

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